Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Expert Views on Business Plans

 Carl Schramm is a PhD economist and past President and CEO of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (2012).

He points out characteristics of an entrepreneur:

•    “They are an outsider, they ask the hard questions, and press leaders on the “why” around status quo.
•    They think in terms of disruption, and are often thought to be disruptive by the change-averse.
•    They see things differently, considering untraditional forces that others didn’t see.
•    They are often competent in a completely different field than the field they are working in.
•    They are very widely read, and know lots of facts and information that makes thinking richer.
•    They have worked in multiple places in the world.
•    They have worked in a startup.
•    They have worked in a job they didn’t like.
They have worked in multiple industries”.

After researching a lot of leading business experts I liked how Carl Schramm thought about business plans and the entrepreneur. I find a lot of these characteristics to be true to others and myself who run their own business. In regards to the actual business plan Carl is a little far from what we learn in school. He does not think you should stick to your business plan. He believes business plans go out of date quickly. This is something I have struggled with in my past business classes.If you want to know more fully immediately visit our site business experts!.
 I always was told to give exacts in regard to the financial forecasting. I felt I could never give actuals appropriately as there are so many variables that business plans often seem redundant. I do think they are needed and are a good basis on organizing ideas and putting them into motion, but if you live by your business plan you may not only hurt your business but your ego. All things never go as planned especially in show business.

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