Tuesday, April 16, 2013

used portacabins for sale

we have Porta Cabins for sale in UAE & OMAN Regions with bellow specifications.

1) Hall type size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs.

2) Two rooms size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs.

3) Two rooms with kitchen & bath, size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs.

4) Two Rooms with Two baths size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs.

5) Three Rooms size: 09x3.5 & 12x3.5Mtrs

6) Laundries sizes: 12x3.5Mtrs

7) Masques

8) Guard Rooms size, 3x3.5Mtrs

9) Maid Rooms with Bath

10) Double Floor Office with different sizes.

If you have requirements of any quantity / Numbers of Portacabins, while we will fulfill with efficacy.
If you want to know more then than it immediately visit our site used portacabins for sale!.

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