Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Search Is Program Know So That We Do Not Regret Dating

 Dating disasters...where do I even begin... I feel like I have had quite a few.

One time in high school I got asked to the homecoming dance by a boy. I think he was my boyfriend at the time. He was suppose to pick me up but then called me and told me to just meet him at the school. I drove to the school where the dance was and called him to see where he was. He said he would be there in a little bit and to keep waiting. I stood there for a while and then he called again and said he was coming out of the dance in the school to come get me. I was super confused at this point. if you want to know more fully and therefore immediately visit our site dating!.

I was standing in the line to get into the dance and out comes my date being escorted by a police officer. I was totally shocked and super confused. I ended up going into the dance to meet up with some friends and was texting him trying to figure out what was going on. Turns out he stood me up to go drinking with his friends and ended up getting a DUI at the dance. Needless to say I ended up dateless. He wouldn't talk to me after that for about a week. I felt bad for the guy and ended up bringing him cookies. Yeah I know what you're thinking, he should have been bringing ME cookies! Haha! Definitely one of my most awkward dating experiences!

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